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Last Update: February 4, 2013

By signing up ("Registering") for our promotional offer(s) (each a "Promotion") you hereby agree to these Terms & Conditions between yourself and Valle Vista Golf Club and/or it's affiliates, employees, agents, or other individuals (collectively "Valle Vista"). Please read them carefully.


By Registering for Valle Vista's Promotion you hereby grant access to your personal information to Valle Vista. Further, you authorize Valle Vista to contact you via e-mail and telephone regarding the Promotion. These rights are granted only in regards to this Promotion and you will not be solicited, or otherwise contacted, without your prior, express consent.

Promotion Terms

This Promotion is open to all people, age 18 and older, who are non-residents of Mohave County, Arizona and who hold no lien, deed, or other ownership of real property within the limits of Valle Vista. You will be required, at the time of exercising your rights or entitlement to this Promotion, to show a valid, state-issued picture identification (such as driver's license, passport, etc).

Valle Vista agrees to honor this Promotion for up to 30 days from the time that you Register for the Promotion. After 30 days, this Promotion is subject to cancellation, modification, suspension, or other change at Valle Vista's discretion.

Should the Terms of this Promotion be changed, modified, canceled, suspended, or otherwise altered, Valle Vista retains the right, but not the obligation, to contact you regarding such changes.

You agree that, while exercising the rights or entitlements of this Promotion (such as playing a free round of golf), you will honor and obey all course rules, regulations, and other limitations imposed by Valle Vista standard policies. Any violation of Valle Vista's standard policies or these Terms & Conditions will immediately forfeit, without recompense, your rights to this, or any future, Promotion held by Valle Vista.

This Promotion is a one-time offer. Any attempt to circumvent, deceive, or otherwise obtain additional "Promotions" by Valle Vista (to which you are not entitled or are specifically excluded by these or other Terms), will immediately bar you from participation in this and all future Promotions by Valle Vista.

This and all Promotions by Valle Vista are considered to have No Cash Value and cannot be traded, exchanged, refunded, or otherwise transferred for any monetary gain.

You must have Registered prior to using this Promotion. Visitors must register at the Pro Shop prior to beginning play and must specify that you are "Here for the Promotion".

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Valle Vista Golf Course is proud to be a Historic US Route 66 Community
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