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Course Details

The Golf Course at Valle Vista
USGA rules govern all play.

Mountain range in the distance
  • Red Markers - 100 yards
    White Markers - 150 yards
    Blue Markers - 200 yards
  • Out of Bounds - Driving Range & White Stakes
  • Lateral Water Hazard - Red Stakes
  • Free drop from staked trees, one club length, no nearer the hole.
  • Please observe cart rules! Keep carts & pull carts on paths or 30 feet from putting area! 90-degree cart rule in effect.
  • Replace divots, repair ball marks & rake sand traps.
  • Help speed play - Faster players will be waved through if there is an open hole ahead.
  • Do not take carts into out of bounds areas.
Overview of Valle Vista Course Layout
Hole 1 Layout

Hole #1
Par 4 HCP 9

Welcome to Valle Vista! On our par 4 opening hole, a straight tee shot is mandatory. There is out of bounds on the right and left sides. A well-placed tee shot should leave you a short to mid iron to this generous green.

Hole #2
Par 3 HCP 15/17

On this par 3 we have a severe slope on the front third of the green, so if it's a red flag it is better to be a bit short to leave you an uphill pitch or putt to the cup. There is trouble on both sides of the green, so keep this short one straight.

Hole #3
Par 5 HCP 3/5

Keep your tee ball on the right side of the fairway on this par 5 to avoid the out of bounds on the left and give you the best angle for your second shot. When laying up, it is best to be at the 100 yard marker to avoid trouble around the green.

Hole #4
Par 4 HCP 17/15

This par 4 can play shorter than the yardage due to it playing slightly downhill. You may not need a driver here; generally a long iron or a fairway wood will leave you a comfortable approach shot. Avoiding the many trees and small hills on the right is key.

Hole #5
Par 4 HCP 5/7

The next two holes play slightly uphill. On this par 4, a well-struck drive down the middle will leave most with a medium to long iron approach to a large green. Be advised that a long drive will bring fairway bunkers that guard both sides of this narrow landing area into play.

Hole #6
Par 4 HCP 1/3

This par 4 is our number one handicap hole! A decision needs to be made on the tee here; do you want to carry the bunker on the left, or lay up short of it? This bunker needs to be avoided to score on this hole. Also, take an extra club for the approach shot, the smallish green is slightly uphill from the fairway.

Hole #7
Par 3 HCP 7/11

On this par 3 it is important to keep the ball below the hole. Long and left are not options. Being short of the green in the chipping area is the safe bailout to this sloping green.

Hole #8
Par 4 HCP 11/13

With out of bounds left and a large waste area on the right of this par 4, a controlled tee shot to the fairway is a must to have a clear second shot to this large green. Long drives might be tempted to have a go at this one off the tee, but the green is well-guarded.

Hole #9
Par 5 HCP 13/1

Like the opening hole, this hole has out of bounds on both sides, however, with a wide-open landing area, you can "let the big dog eat" on this par 5. Longer hitters will want to go for the green in two. Shorter hitters will find keeping the ball in the fairway for the second shot leaves a short iron approach to this two-tiered green.

Hole #10
Par 4 HCP 18/16

This slight downhill par 4 hole is a great introduction to our back nine. A straight tee shot is desirable here and will set up a mid to short iron to a large putting surface.

Hole #11
Par 3 HCP 14/18

Make sure to check the wind direction and strength by the flag on the green on this par 3. The tee box is well-protected by trees that do not tell the whole story. Also, the back of the green runs away from you. Aiming for the middle of the green is a good plan for a blue flag.

Hole #12
Par 4 HCP 2/14

This par 4 is a true "risk/reward" hole. A long, straight drive will leave you with no more than a chip shot to the green, but with out of bounds on the right and a hazard on the left, a safe play off of the tee is to go at the 100 yard marker, leaving a short iron approach into this small, well-guarded green.

Hole #13
Par 4 HCP 4

This par 4 plays fairly narrow, with trouble on both sides of the fairway. If you can avoid the waste area on the left and the fairway bunker on the right, you will have an approach shot that you should be able to control and keep below the hole.

Hole #14
Par 5 HCP 10/2

You want to place your tee shot on the right side of the fairway, but avoiding the fairway bunker and out of bounds on the right. This will give you the ideal line on this par 5. Longer hitters will be able to go at this elevated green in two.

Hole #15
Par 4 HCP 6/10

With a generous landing area, you can really "tee it high and let it fly" on this par 4. Be sure to avoid the two evergreen trees on the left and you should have a nice approach shot to the green.

Hole #16
Par 3 HCP 12

This is our longest par 3 on the course. A good plan here is to go at the middle of the putting surface, anywhere on the green is a good result. Short and straight will provide more opportunities than being long.

Hole #17
Par 4 HCP 16/18

A tee shot placed to the left of the trees and hills on the right is generally going to be rewarded with a short iron approach to this large, receptive green that slopes from back to front. Stay below the flag on this par 4 as well.

Hole #18
Par 5 HCP 8/6

Our final hole creates another scoring opportunity for the long hitters and a round saver for most others. A fairly straight par 5, you will want to keep your ball in the fairway here. This will give you a clear shot at this large green that has many subtle breaks in it.